Mediocre Epic

PART I He takes a knife From the fifteen dollarsSeventy-three cents knife blockOn the greasy LaminexIn the massively empty kitchenIn a blandly horrificThree bedroom homeIn a suburb far far awayHe takes the brightest knifeTo dull the pain An incision from left to rightAccentuates his eyesMakes him look BeautifulReflectedIn the unwashed stainless steelOr clownlikeLike the sideshow […]

Small Note Found in Jacket Pocket

You know me You must remember Half-hearted questions To half-stammered answers Trembling eyelash and twitching mouth Causing earthquakes and tidal waves Down further south While your teflon glances Left me conveniently incontinent You must remember An arm sliding softly And skilfully towards you As I kept my gaze balanced In the space in between you […]


In darkness I call My fluorescent dove To light the way Along this lonely shore From a thousand stones Laid bare at my feet I pick the one Most unsure of its place The shape of this stone All it can tell I smell its cracks and Listen to its weight I speak to it […]

You are a Saxophone, Solo

Three steps in and alreadyI like your shapeless hair,And your stubborn belly,Where your music comes from. Your armsAre trunks, downy andYour stubble sparksRed lights. I sit down. You open your eyes too filled withBright water blue glass andYour fingers are moving too fast andYour lungs are breathing two vast andYou scream listen throughThe articulate brass […]

Wheels in motion

I have my passport. Tomorrow I will be injected with Hep A, Hep B and Typhoid. Friday I get paid quite a bit money for doing something. In a month I should have enough money to buy my plane ticket. Things are happening! I am going overseas! I’m a bit excited. 🙂 In other news, […]