London Moaning

I imagined I was Kate Bush in a highly impractical neck-to-ankle black velvet dress with lace trim, running, stumbling on the stupidly pretty clumps of weeds, and looking back with fear and longing at a tall, hauntingly dashing man in a cravat as he chased after me with murder in his heart.


To help me get Egyptian prices, as opposed to over-inflated tourist prices, I’ve been lying. I say that my parents are living in Alexandria and I am studying English in Australia so I can become a writer. Yes, sadly, it is necessary to create elaborate stories about your nationality if you want cheap stuff. I […]


I sit on a balcony six storeys above a (relatively) quiet street in Heliopolis, an inner suburb of Cairo. Heliopolis, in Greek, means “City of the Sun”, but this morning the sun is mercifully hiding behind a big wet blanket of cloud. For the past three days I’ve been beaten into a listless stupor by […]


Today is my second last day in Shanghai. Tomorrow I fly out to Beijing. I’m feeling vaguely confident now that I know what to look for, and I’ve learnt a couple more words. His Hotness Prince Daryl of Birmingham says the Leo Hostel, just off Tiananmen Square, is the bomb. Shanghai has been good to […]