Sunset hanging

I push my bike off into the little street and glide through a perfect dusk: The sun holding its breath for me behind house-shaped voids that suck at my glistening ghost with their guilt-puckered lips. Around my neck are wrapped the fears of the good folk of this great nation. Worms: clinging milky white threads on screens and in dreams, nocturnal emissions from their […]

Northcote Epiphany

As I walk past the Antiochan Orthodox Church a warm rich cloud of many people singing together Outside a man in his only suit smoking, hand in pocket shoulder curved against a bitter wind from Antarctica He nods at me the same question in his eyes I answer him with a quarter smile and keep […]

Gay Psychic French Bulldog

The wise old French bulldog paws at his human’s shin, fish eyes pleading I know how he feels filled with want psychically gaunt with needs unmet And yet physically shaking with love for a master eating pasta oblivious to the piteous face of an adoring fan who was and is and forever shall be ignored […]

Music is the only thing

This body can’t produce its own music so I supplement with aural content that was never meant as a substitute for social interaction job satisfaction sexual attraction familial affection long hugs good drugs or pugs Beats fit between the rails that vibrate peripherally while I stare at my feet each pulse a piece of sweet […]

River Stone

Heavy heavy never left alone the dead drone of a life lived less My need for a place to rest Reaps a cheap compromise With those who own my hands and eyes Submerged in this river since before I was born Mind torn between the surface and the darkness below Dragged through the mud with […]

The Finger

A girl on the train Rearranging her apps The little icons shiver in the air-conditioning Behind her, poised Above a white hot void My finger Like a sword Waiting to fall On a rope made of fears Tied to the weight Of thirty-five years Are you sure you want to proceed? Isn’t there a whole other […]

Gods 1 and 2

How many more years? Watching other people make miracles There’s probably at least one little miracle waiting inside me But I don’t think I could take the pain And nothing good comes from a cesarean I thought I saw God that morning We looked out towards the sand dunes The ocean roared Wasn’t that God? […]