Last Train

Hugh raised his front door key to his left nostril and sniffed hard. The ketamine rushed up his nasal passage and immediately began to soak into the membranes inside his nose. Rod watched his face carefully, then took the key and scooped out more of the white powder. Hugh looked out the window at the town […]


Owen steered his bike into the laneway behind his house and almost ran over a bedraggled looking ginger cat. The cat yowled and darted down the laneway, glancing back reproachfully then disappearing around the corner. Owen apologised to the cat out loud, and dug around in the small plastic pot that was filled with soil […]

The Bear

I remember the bear, driving us home. I would close my eyes and try and work out where we were, based on the turns and the stops. Sometimes I would peek a little and see a flash of trees and I would know we were almost home. It always felt a little frightening, with my […]


On the bus today I saw someone who looked exactly like my dad, but it wasn’t my dad because my dad passed away several years ago in a fire that completely obliterated the oil drilling platform he was working on in the Red Sea. He even had the same style hair, sort of a hipster […]